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Labour Supply

While we can, of course, run your whole project for you from start to finish, you might not need a full team, with a project manager. Perhaps you just need to hire a labourer for the day, or maybe you need a groundworks crew for a month’s work. Whatever you need, we can supply qualified and experienced people for groundworks, earthworks, civil engineering, utilities and services, and even commercial or domestic landscaping.
We’ve years of experience in groundworks and civil engineering so we’ll know exactly the type of crew you’re looking for and what experience you’ll need, so you can trust us to supply someone, or a team of someones, that can hit the ground running as soon as they get on site, and work well with your existing crew.

Find work with us
See our Career Opportunities page for our latest vacancies, and send in your CV to apply. We have a variety of jobs available, and are also keen to help apprentice groundworkers start their career.

  • Hire our crew

    We can supply labourers, machinery operators, drainage crew, earthworks teams and more.

  • Apply for jobs

    Check out our Career Opportunities page to see the latest vacancies.

  • Equal opportunities

    Our jobs are open to anyone with the right attitude, approach and experience.

  • Apprentice groundworkers

    We’d love to build the next generation of groundworkers, so if you’d like to find out more, get in touch!

Street Repairs

We Provide Expert, Professional Groundworks Services

Need to book our expert team for your next project? Just send us a message today!


Other Services

For a range of groundworks and civil engineering jobs from experienced, highly-qualified professionals, talk to RRG Groundworks. We’re straightforward and honest, and happy to tackle any domestic or commercial job, or provide our experienced team for your site.

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Get in touch for road and kerb laying, drainage, foundations, services and utilities and more.

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Civil Engineering

From repairing an existing project to installing something completely new, our talented team can do it.

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Excavation work for commercial projects, including soil removal, muck excavation, and stream relocation.

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Utility Services

Providing water, gas, electricity, drainage, and other utility services for major and minor projects.

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Domestic Landscaping

Domestic landscaping, from grass laying, pathways and patios.

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Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping, from grass laying, adding kerbs and general maintenance.

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This one’s a difficult one to answer as every project is different. We’ll come out and do a site visit to see how we can help, and then provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, including our best estimate of how long your job will take.

We won’t claim we can work miracles if we can’t, and we’ll give you an honest picture of what work is involved and what time we’ll need to finish everything off.

Each project is unique so we’ll need to take a look at your site and assess what you need, before giving you a free, no-obligation quote.

The price you see on your quote will include materials, labour and all possible costs so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

We’ve done everything from tiny domestic gardens to vast, expensive commercial projects, including working for Network Rail and Balfour Beatty, among others.

We don’t try and sell you things you don’t need. We just give it to you straight, with fair, honest quotes based on our experience, and a great job, professionally done every time.

Yes, you can. Get in touch and you can hire whoever you need for your project.

We do. Visit our Career Opportunities page to check out the latest jobs available. You can add your CV and apply directly on our site.

We’re equal opportunities people and we’re interested in building up the next generation of groundworks crew, so talk to us about being an apprentice groundworker.


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